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12 Monkeys

Director: Terry Gilliam
Starring: Bruce Willis, Madeleine Stowe, Brad Pitt, Christopher Plummer, Jon Seda, Joseph Melito, David Morse, Michael Chance, Vernon Campbell, H. Walls, Bob Adrian, Simon Jones, Carol Florence, Bill Raymond, Ernest Abuba, Irma St. Paule, Joey Perillo, Bruce Kirkpatrick, Wilfred Williams, Rozwill Young, Nell Johnson, Frederick Strother, Carolyn Walker, Rick Warner, Frank Gorshin, Anthony Brienza, Joilet Harris, Drucie McDaniel, John Blaisse, Louis Lippa, Stan Kang, Pat Dias, Aaron Lacey, Charles Techman, Jann Ellis, Johnnie Hobbs Jr., Janet Zappala, Thomas Roy, Harry O'Toole, Yuri Korchenko, Chuck Jeffreys, Lisa Hamilton, Felix Pire, Matthew Ross, Barry Price, John Panzarella, Larry Daly, Arthur Fennell, Karl Warren, Christopher Meloni, Paul Meshejian, Robert O'Neill, Kevin Thigpen, Lee Golden, Joseph McKenna, Jeff Tanner, Faith Potts, Michael Segal, Annie Golden, Lisa Talerico, Stephen Bridgewater, Franklin Huffman, JoAnn Dawson, Jack Dougherty, Lenny Daniels, Herbert Hauls Jr., Charley Scalies, Dan Bevilacqua, Phillip Caruso, Laura Glas, Roger Pratt, Allelon Ruggiero, Richard Stanley
Studio: Universal
MPAA Rating: R
DVD Release: 31 Mar 1998


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Summary: A lone traveler from the year 2035 must solve a riddle that may save his people.. but it may also take him to the brink of madness. Bruce Willis, Madeleine Stowe and Brad Pitt star in this brilliant sci-fi masterpiece from Terry Gillam, the acclaimed director of "The Fisher King."

After the world's population is devastated by a killer virus, survivors must live in dank underground communities. Cole (Willis) "volunteers" to travel into the past to obtain a pure virus sample, thereby helping scientists develop a cure. Along the way, he crosses paths with a beautiful psychiatrist (Stowe) and a one-card-short-of-a-full-deck mental patient (Pitt). But the race is on, as Cole searches for The Army of the 12 Monkeys, a radical group linked to the deadly disease.

With unforgettable performances and imaginitave special effects, 12 Monkeys is a modern-day classic laced with Gilliam's trademark wit and dazzling visual style.


2010: The Year We Make Contact

Director: Peter Hyams
Starring: Roy Scheider, John Lithgow, Helen Mirren, Bob Balaban, Keir Dullea, Douglas Rain, Madolyn Smith-Osborne, Dana Elcar, Taliesin Jaffe, James McEachin, Mary Deschanel, Elya Baskin, Saveli Kramarov, Oleg Rudnik, Natasha Shneider, Vladimir Skomarovsky, Victor Steinbach, Jan Tríska, Larry Carroll, Herta Ware, Cheryl Carter, Ron Recasner, Robert Lesser, Candice Bergen, Delana Michaels, Gene McGarr, Arthur Clarke
Studio: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
MPAA Rating: PG
DVD Release: 25 Aug 1998


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Summary: Two-time Academy Award nominees Roy Scheider and John Lithgow team with writer/director Peter Hyams and four-time Oscar-winning special effects genius Richard Edlund for this visually stunning, emotionally moving sequel to 2001: A Space Odyssey. Filled with action, adventure and insights into many of the previous film's cosmic mysteries, it's a spectacular, suspense-filled thriller... and a modern science-fiction masterpiece.

It's 2010: The Year We Make Contact! While planet Earth poises on the brink of nuclear self-destruction, a team of Russian and American scientists hurtle to a rendezvous with the abandoned Discovery spacecraft and its sole survivor, the homicidal computer HAL. Their mission: "awaken" HAL and unravel the puzzling series of events that culiminated Dave Bowman's last transmission: "My God, it's full of stars!"


The 6th Day

Director: Roger Spottiswoode
Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Rapaport, Tony Goldwyn, Michael Rooker, Sarah Wynter, Wendy Crewson, Rodney Rowland, Terry Crews, Ken Pogue, Colin Cunningham, Robert Duvall, Wanda Cannon, Taylor Reid, Jennifer Gareis, Don Mcmanus, Steve Bacic, Christopher Lawford, Mark Brandon, Ellie Harvie, Don Davis, Jennifer Sterling, Walter Von Huene, Chris Cound, Ben Bass, Robert Clarke, Warren Takeuchi, Claudine Grant, Álex Castillo, D. Mark, Colin Lawrence, Mark Gibbon, Brian Jensen, Crawford James, Peter Kent, Hiro Kanagawa, Mi Lee, Gillian Barber, Gerard Plunkett, Claire Riley, Norma Wick, Paul Carson, Graham Andrews, Benita Ha, Andrea Libman, Kwesi Ameyaw, Anthony Harrison, Alexander Ian, Lauren Schaffel
Studio: Columbia Pictures
MPAA Rating: PG-13
DVD Release: 27 Mar 2001


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Summary: Superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger is Adam, an ace pilot in the very near future who is having a serious identity crisis. An illegal corporation illegally cloned him, and now they’re trying to kill him to hide the evidence. Torn from his beloved family and faced with a shocking exact duplicate of himself, Adam races against time to reclaim his life and save the world from the underground cloning movement.

From the director of Tomorrow Never Dies, The 6th Day also stars powerhouse actors Robert Duvall and Michael Rapaport. Prepare for a high-tech, sci-fi blast with twice the Arnold and twice the action!


The Abyss

Director: James Cameron
Starring: Ed Harris, Mary Mastrantonio, Michael Biehn, Leo Burmester, Todd Graff, John Lloyd, J.C. Quinn, Kimberly Scott, Captain Kidd Brewer Jr., George Klek, Christopher Murphy, Adam Nelson, Dick Warlock, Jimmie Weeks, J. Campbell, Ken Jenkins, Chris Elliott, Peter Ratray, Michael Beach, Brad Sullivan, Frank Lloyd, Phillip Darlington, Joseph Nemec III, Joe Farago, William Wisher Jr., Marcus Mukai, Wendy Gordon, Paula Cross, Thomas Duffy, Chris Anastasio, Emily Yancy, Michael Chapman, Tom Isbell, Mike Cameron
Studio: Lightstorm Entertainment
MPAA Rating: PG-13
DVD Release: 21 Mar 2000


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Summary: In this thrilling, underwater action adventure from writer-director James Cameron (TITANIC; TERMINATOR 2: JUDGEMENT DAY; ALIENS), a civilian oil rig crew is recruited to conduct a search-and-rescue effort when a nuclear submarine mysteriously sinks. One diver (Ed Harris) soon finds himself on a spectacular odyssey 25,000 feet below the ocean's surface, where he confronts a mysterious force that has the power to change the world or destroy it.

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio and Michael Biehn co-star.



Director: Ridley Scott
Starring: Tom Skerritt, Sigourney Weaver, Veronica Cartwright, Harry Stanton, John Hurt, Ian Holm, Yaphet Kotto, Bolaji Badejo, Helen Horton, Eddie Powell
Studio: 20th Century Fox
MPAA Rating: R
DVD Release: 01 Jun 1999


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Summary: "Alien" is the first movie of one of the most popular sagas in science fiction history, and introduces Sigourney Weaver as Ripley, the Iron-willed woman destined to battle the galaxy's ultimate creature.

The terror begins when the crew of the spaceship Nostromo investigates a transmission from a desolate planet and makes a horrifying discovery - a life form that breeds within a human host. Now the crew must fight not only for its own survival, but for the survival of all mankind.


Alien 3

Director: David Fincher
Starring: Sigourney Weaver, Charles Dutton, Charles Dance, Paul McGann, Brian Glover, Ralph Brown, Daniel Webb, Christopher Fields, Holt McCallany, Lance Henriksen, Christopher Fairbank, Carl Chase, Leon Herbert, Vincenzo Nicoli, Pete Postlethwaite, Paul Brennen, Clive Mantle, Peter Guinness, Dhobi Oparei, Philip Davis, Niall Buggy, Hi Ching, Danielle Edmond, Tom Woodruff Jr.
Studio: 20th Century Fox
MPAA Rating: R
DVD Release: 01 Jun 1999


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Summary: Lt. Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) is the lone survivor when her crippled spaceship crash lands on Florina 161, a bleak wasteland inhabited by former inmates of the planet's maximum security prison. Ripley's fears that an mutilated bodies of ex-cons begin to mount.

Without weapons or modern technology of any kind, Ripley must lead the men into battle against the terrifying creature. And soon she discovers a horrifying fact about her link with the Alien, a realization that may compel Ripley to try destroying not only the horrific creature, but herself as well.


Alien: Resurrection

Director: Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Starring: Sigourney Weaver, Winona Ryder, Dominique Pinon, Ron Perlman, Gary Dourdan, Michael Wincott, Kim Flowers, Dan Hedaya, J.E. Freeman, Brad Dourif, Raymond Cruz, Leland Orser, Carolyn Campbell, Marlene Bush, David James, Rodney Mitchell, Robert Faltisco, David Rowe, Garrett House, Rod Damer, Mark Mansfield, Daniel Raymont, Chip Nuzzo, Steven Gilborn, Robert Bastens, Rico Bueno, Alex Lorre, Ronald Ramessar, Nicole Fellows, Tom Woodruff Jr., Joan LaBarbara, Archie Hahn, Regan DuCasse, Brad Martin, David Prior, Eddie Yansick
Studio: 20th Century Fox
MPAA Rating: R
DVD Release: 01 Jun 1999


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Summary: Sigouney Weaver and Winona Ryder star in this terrifying, highly-anticipated sci-fi action thriller!

Ellen Ripley (Weaver) died fighting the perfect predator. Two hundred years and eight horrific experiments later, she's back. A group of scientists has cloned her-along with the alien queen inside of her-hoping to breed the ultimate weapon. But the resurrected Ripley is full of surprises for her creators, as are the aliens. And soon, a lot more than all hell breaks loose! To combat the creatures, Ripley must team up with a band of smugglers, including a mechanic named Call (Ryder), who holds more than a few surprises of her own.

Alive with spectacular special effects and co-starring Ron Perlman, Dan Hedaya, J.E. Greeman, Brad Dourif and Michael Wincott, "Alien Resurrection" is a riveting, pulse-pounding roller coaster ride that's "reborn to be wild" (Entertainment Weekly). Come aboard...if you dare, and witness a whole new breed of terror.



Director: James Cameron
Starring: Sigourney Weaver, Carrie Henn, Michael Biehn, Paul Reiser, Lance Henriksen, Bill Paxton, William Hope, Jenette Goldstein, Al Matthews, Mark Rolston, Ricco Ross, Colette Hiller, Daniel Kash, Cynthia Scott, Tip Tipping, Trevor Steedman, Paul Maxwell, Valerie Colgan, Alan Polonsky, Alibe Parsons, Blain Fairman, Barbara Coles, Carl Toop, John Lees, Louise Head, Kiran Shah, Billy Armstrong, Jay Benedict, Holly De Jong, Christopher Henn, Mac McDonald
Studio: 20th Century Fox
MPAA Rating: R
DVD Release: 01 Jun 1999


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Summary: In this action-packed sequel to Alien, Sigourney Weaver returns as Ripley, the only survivor from mankind's first encounter with the monstrous Alien. Her account of the Alien and the fate of her crew are received with skepticism - until the mysterious disappearance of colonists on LV-426 lead her to join a team of high-tech colonial marines sent in to investigate. Personally supervised by director James Cameron, this special edition includes scenes eliminated prior to the film's 1986 release which broaden the narrative scope and enrich the emotional impact of the film.



Director: Michael Bay
Starring: Bruce Willis, Billy Thornton, Ben Affleck, Liv Tyler, Will Patton, Steve Buscemi, William Fichtner, Owen Wilson, Michael Duncan, Peter Stormare, Ken Campbell, Jessica Steen, Keith David, Chris Ellis, Jason Isaacs, Grayson McCouch, Clark Brolly, Marshall Teague, Anthony Guidera, Greg Collins, J. McCormack, Ian Quinn, Christopher Worret, Adam Smith, John Mahon, Grace Zabriskie, K.C. Leomiti, Eddie Griffin, Deborah Nishimura, Albert Wong, Jim Ishida, Stanley Anderson, James Harper, Ellen Cleghorne, Udo Kier, John Aylward, Mark Curry, Seiko Matsuda, Harry Humphries, Dyllan Christopher, Judith Hoag, Sage Allen, Steven Ford, Christian Clemenson, Andy Ryan, Duke Valenti, Michael Taliferro, Billy Devlin, Kathleen Matthews, J.C. Hayward, Andrew Glassman, Shawnee Smith, Dwight Hicks, Odile Corso, Vic Manni, Jim Maniaci, Layla Roberts, Joe Allen, Bodhi Elfman, Alexander Johnson, Kathy Neff, Victor Vinson, Joseph Kelly, Peter White, Rudy Mettia, Frank Van Keeken, Fred Weller, Jeff Austin, Googy Gress, Matt Malloy, H. Greene, Brian Brophy, Peter Murnik, Brian Currie, Andrew Heckler, Andy Milder, Michael Kaplan, Patrick Richwood, Brian Mulligan, John Johnson, Charles Stewart, Scarlet Forge, Michael Tuck, Patrick Lander, Anne Vareze, Fritz Mashimo, Dina Morrone, Ruben O'Lague, Wolfgang Muser, Jim Fitzpatrick, Charlton Heston, Shannon Lucid, Michael Bay, Mark Boone Junior, Judith Drake, John Frazier, Andy Gill, Kevin McGuire, Aaron Patton, Pope John Paul II, Gary Rogers, Frank Silva, Erik Sullivan, Lawrence Tierney, Greg Warmoth, Gedde Watanabe
Studio: The Criterion Collection
MPAA Rating: NR
DVD Release: 20 Apr 1999


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Summary: Bruce Willis and an all-star cast of roughneck oil drillers blast off on a mission to save the planet in Michael Bay's doomsday space epic.


The Arrival / Arrival II

Director: Kevin Tenney
Starring: Lindsay Crouse, Charlie Sheen, Richard Schiff, Shane Silver, Teri Polo, Phyllis Applegate, Alan Coates, Leon Rippy, Buddy Hooker, Javier Morga, Tony Johnson, Catalina Botello, Georg Lillitsch, Ángel García, David Villalpando, María Coronel, Ellen Bradley, José García (VI), Jorge Becerril, Luisa Huertas, Jorge Zepeda, Roger Cudney, Mónica Dionne, Alejandro Usigli, Jacqueline Voltaire, Dave Galasso, Ree Johnson, Andrea Sisniega, Darin Cooper, **THE ARRIVAL II** Muldoon, Jane Sibbett, Michael Sarrazin, Catherine Blythe, Michael Scherer, Larry Day, Steve Adams, Emidio Michetti, Stéphane Blanchette, David Nerman, Noël Burton, Mark Trafford, Lisa Kagan, Karen Elkin, Sophie Léger, Don Jordan, Sean Devine, Laurel Paetz, Chad Beamish, Kevin Tenney, Lila Feng, John Moore, Liz MacRae, Wei Tang, Bill Corday, Howard Rosenstein, Dean Fleming, Allan Trado, Elizabeth Lapointe
Studio: Artisan
MPAA Rating: R
DVD Release: 18 May 1999


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Summary: The Arrival

Radio astronomer Zane Zaminsky (Charlie Sheen) believes he's picked up a cosmic noise that signals extraterrestrial intelligence. His desperate search for answers leads him to Mexico and a mysterious power plant, where he is arrested for the murder of a scientist. Zane must escape alien invasion in this intense sci-fi thriller.

Arrival II

An investigative reporter (Jane Sibbett) and a reluctant computer programmer (Patrick Muldoon) must convince the government and the public that a sinister alien conspiracy could wipe out the human species in this visually stunning follow-up to one of the most astounding sci-fi thrillers of the decade