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Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Epic Series

Director: Sigmund Neufeld Jr.
Starring: Lorne Greene, Richard Hatch, Dirk Benedict, Herb Jefferson Jr., John Colicos, Maren Jensen, Noah Hathaway, Laurette Spang, Tony Swartz, Anne Lockhart, Terry Carter, Ed Begley Jr., David Greenan, Jonathan Harris, Janet Julian, George Murdock, Sarah Rush, Felix Silla, Patrick Macnee, Ray Milland, Lew Ayres, Rick Springfield, Norman Stuart, David Matthau, Chip Johnson, Geoffrey Binney, Paul Coufos, Bruce Wright, Patti Brooks, Carol Baxter, Sandy Gimpel, Jane Seymour, Wilfred Hyde-White, John Fink, Randi Oakes, John Dullaghan, Sheila DeWindt, Korchenko Hunley, Jennifer Joseph, Gay Thomas, Janet Curtis, Claude Earl Jones, Kathy Cannon, Lance LeGault, Red West, John Timko, James Whitmore Jr., Ted Gehring, Tasha Martell, Sean McClory, Cathy Paine, Ian Abercrombie, John Holland, Nancy DeCarl, Robert Hathaway, Roy Thinnes, James Olson, Christine Belford, Richard Lynch, Denny Miller, Britt Ekland, Alan Stock, Curtis Credel, Jeff MacKay, Larry Cedar, Alex Hyde-White, Patrick Milholland, Walt Davis, Dan O'Herlihy, Larry Manetti, Barry Nelson, Brett Somers, Eric Server, Dennis Fimple, Olan Soule, Rance Howard, Ben Frommer, Charles Bloom, Bruce Glover, Audrey Landers, Adam Man, Brigitte Muller, Jonathan Woodward, Rod Haase, Junero Jennings, Ted Hamaguchi, Jack Stauffer, Jeff McKay, William Bryant, John Williams, Kirk Alyn, Paula Victor, Fred Astaire, Anthony De Longis, Robert Feero, Anne Jeffreys, Bruce Wroght, Dan Barton, Patricia Stich, Ted Parker, Pamela Shoop, Brock Peters, Ben Frank, W. Stratton, Lyman Ward, Newell Alexander, Ted Noobe, Paul LeClair, Ron Kelly, Ray Bolger, Randolph Mantooth, Kelly Harmon, Murray Matheson, Lesley Woods, Frank Marth, Curt Lowens, Lloyd Bochner, Bobby Van, Gary Vinson, Alex Rodine, Lester Fletcher, Michelle Larson, Gillian Greene, Eric Larson, Kimberly Woodward, David Larson, Donald Mantooth, Ina Balin, John Hoyt, Ken Swofford, Melody Anderson, Peter MacLean, Logan Ramsey, Edward Mulhare, Nehemiah Persoff, Ana Alicia, Paul Fix, Nick Holt, Randy Stumpf
Studio: Universal Television
MPAA Rating: NR
DVD Release: 21 Oct 2003


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Summary: When the 12 Colonies of Man are all but wiped out by a cybernetic race called the Cylons, Commander Adama and the Battlestar Galactica lead a ragtag human fleet of survivors in search of a mythical planet called Earth.

Insight into the "Making of" Battlestar Galactica

Creation of Battlestar Galactica: an Interview with creator Glen A. Larson

Deleted Scenes

Commentary for selected episodes by Cast/Crew

Visual Effects with John Dykstra

Sci-Fi Special: Making of the Show

Composing the Music: Stu Phillips and Glen A. Larson

Production Notes

Sneak preview into the new Sci-Fi Channel Battlestar Galactica mini-series

Interactive Game Trailer

Original 3-hour pilot uncut

Entire Battlestar Galactica series uncut

Digitally remastered video


The Best of Friends Volumes 1 & 2

Director: Kevin S. Bright
Starring: Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer
Studio: Warner Bros.
MPAA Rating: NR
DVD Release: 19 Dec 2000


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Summary: The 10 "Best Of" episodes as voted by "Friends" fans and the show's creators!


Volume 1:

The One With the Pilot

The One With All the Poker

The One With Two Parts

The One Where Ross Finds Out

The One With the Prom Video

Volume 2:

The One Where No One's Ready

The One With Ross' Wedding (2 parts)

The One With the Embryos

The One Where Everybody Finds Out

The One With the Thanksgiving Flashbacks


The Best of Friends: Volume 1

Director: Peter Bonerz
Starring: Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer, John Nelson, Clea Lewis, Cynthia Mann, Barry Heins, Elliott Gould, Dorien Wilson, Jane Sibbett, Jessica Hecht, Larry Hankin, Jennifer Grant, Michele Richards, Alaina Hall, Leila Kenzle, Helen Hunt, George Clooney, Noah Wyle, Patty Tiffany, Baillie Gerstein, Beverly Garland, Lauren Tom, Arye Gross, Barry Diamond, Marcus Jacques, Fritzie Burr, Patrick Kerr, Christina Pickles, Michael Bower, Lou Thornton, Tim Bohn
Studio: Bright/Kauffman/Crane Pr.
MPAA Rating: NR
DVD Release: 19 Dec 2000


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Summary: Comedy, togetherness, craziness - you can always rely on 'Friends'.

Here are the first 5 of the Top-10 episodes as chosen by fans! They're the ones you love and more because each now includes added footage never-before-seen. Plus, there's The Rembrandts' 'I'll Be There For You' music video! Sit back and enjoy Volume 1of this two-volume collection of 'Friends' as...

(1) Monica (Courteny Cox) gets a roommate ('Pilot');

(2) Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) copes with her twin; Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) and a monkey end up in the ER (both parts of 'The One With The Two Parts');

(3) Ross (David Schwimmer) plays a game of high stakes ('The One With All The Poker');

(4) Chandler (Matthew Perry) works out ('The One Where Ross Finds Out');

(5) Joey (Matt LeBlanc) buys Chandler a flashy bracelet ('The One With The Prom Video').


CNN Millennium 2000

Starring: CNN, Cnn Millennium 2000
Studio: Warner Bros.
MPAA Rating: NR
DVD Release: 07 Jan 2000


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Summary: It started out in Kiribati, the South Pacific island nation that first greeted the new Millennium. It swept from solem shrines of Japan to the glitz of Las Vegas. The Great Pyramids of Egypt were part of it. So was the Eiffel Tower, St. Peter's Square. And Times Square. Arround the globe, from many walks of life on the last day of 1999, people gathered as the world turned another calendar page to a new era. 11:59 arround the world and counting. You remember the time. Now Relive it.

Culled from CNN's historic round-the-clock and round-the-world coverage, CNN Millennium 2000 is a time capsule of a once-of-a-1000-years event. The most memorable moments. The most vivid images. The people, places, amd experiences of an unparalleled moment in history are here in a keepsake for now and tomorrow. You have your own special memories of New Year 2000. Now share the world's.


Friends - The Best of: Volume 2

Director: Michael Lembeck
Starring: Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer, Peter Dennis, Cindy Katz, Giovanni Ribisi, Debra Rupp, Richard Branson, Sarah Ferguson, Jane Carr, Tom Conti, Peter Eyre, Elliott Gould, Hugh Laurie, Christina Pickles, Jennifer Saunders, June Whitfield, Heathcote Williams, Olivia Williams, Morgan Fairchild, Joshua Preston, Michael Winters, Michael Ensign
Studio: Warner Bros.
MPAA Rating: NR
DVD Release: 19 Dec 2000


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Summary: The Award-Winning Comedy. You Can Always Rely on Friends.

What every fan wants: more Friends, the next 5 of the TOP-10 EPISODES as voted by fans! More surprises, too: each episode includes ADDED FOOTAGE never-before-seen. Plus, 2 BEHIND-THE-SCENES FEATURETTES and THE REMBRANDTS' I'LL BE THERE FOR YOU MUSIC VIDEO. With VOLUME 2 of this two-volume collection you're among Friends as...

(1) Rachel (JENNIFER ANISTON) can't decide what to wear (The One Where No One's Ready);

(2) Phoebe (LISA KUDROW) becomes a surrogate mom for her brother (The One with the Embryos);

(3) Chandler (MATTHEW PERRY) tours London; Ross (DAVID SCHWIMMER) undoes "I do" (both parts of The One with Ross's Wedding);

(4) Joey (MATT LEBLANC) sticks his head in a turkey (The One with All the Thanksgivings);

(5) Monica (COURTENEY COX ARQUETTE) can no longer hide the BIG SECRET (The One Where Everybody Finds Out).


Friends, The Best Of: Volume 3

Director: Pamela Fryman, Sam Simon, Mary Kay Place, Michael Lembeck, Joe Regalbuto, Shelley Jensen, James Burrows (II), Thomas Schlamme, Paul Lazarus, Alan Myerson, David Schwimmer, David Steinberg, Steve Zuckerman, Peter Bonerz, Dana DeVally, Kevin Bright, Gary Halvorson, Todd Holland, Ellen Gittelsohn, Stephen Prime (II)
Starring: Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox Arquette, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer
Studio: Warner Bros.
MPAA Rating: NR
DVD Release: 20 Nov 2001


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Summary: From The #1 Comedy Series: Everyone's Favorite Friends.

Great fun. Great Friends. Good things just go together in this compilation of more episodes chosen as the very best, all with never-before-seen added footage and digitally remastered image and sound. For a Bonus, go backstage with the Documentary the one that goes behind the scenes. The Volume 3 lineup includes:

1. A power outage leaves Chandler (Matthew Perry) in the dark in more ways than one (The One with the Blackout)

2. Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) and others face a dateless Valentine's Day (The One with the Candy Hearts)

3. Ross (David Schwimmer) and Rachel (Jennifer Aniston): irresistible forces of nature (The One Where Ross and Rachel…You Know)?

4. Joey (Matt LeBlanc) vies with Chandler for a woman's affection (The One with the Football)

5. Monica (Courteney Cox Arquette) and others ponder paths not taken (The One That Could Have Been - Parts 1 and 2).


Friends, The Best Of: Volume 4

Director: Pamela Fryman, Sam Simon, Mary Kay Place, Michael Lembeck, Joe Regalbuto, Shelley Jensen, James Burrows (II), Thomas Schlamme, Paul Lazarus, Alan Myerson, David Schwimmer, David Steinberg, Steve Zuckerman, Peter Bonerz, Dana DeVally, Kevin Bright, Gary Halvorson, Todd Holland, Ellen Gittelsohn, Stephen Prime (II)
Starring: Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox Arquette, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer
Studio: Warner Bros.
MPAA Rating: NR
DVD Release: 20 Nov 2001


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Summary: Everyone Needs Friends. Here's Where To Find Them!

More of the best episodes (selected by fans and the show's creators) form the #1 comedy series come your way now digitally remastered and augmented with never-before-seen Added Footage. For a Bonus, go backstage with the Documentary The One That Goes Behind The Scenes. Join in Volume 4's fun when:

1. The penalty for crossing Joey (Matt LeBlanc): time in the box (The One with Chandler in a Box)

2. Easy as 1-2-3…not! Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) gives birth to triplets (The One-Hundredth)

3. Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) resolves to gossip less, then discovers a big secret (The One with All the Resolutions)

4. Recipe for disaster! Monica (Courteney Cox Arquette) invites her parents to dinner (The One Where Ross Got High)

5. Monica's ex-boyfriend (Tom Selleck) unnerves Chandler (Matthew Perry). Ross (David Schwimmer) thinks a romance with a water-balloon-tossing coed has gone kersplat. (The One with the Proposal - Parts 1 and 2).


From the Earth to the Moon

Director: Tom Hanks
Starring: Tom Hanks, David Andrews, Robert Burke, Bryan Cranston, Brett Cullen, Timothy Daly, Cary Elwes, Tony Goldwyn, Steve Hofvendahl, Chris Isaak, Daniel Kelly, Fredric Lehne, Dan Lauria, Jim Leavy, Ted Levine, John Lynch, Ben Marley, John Mese, Kieran Mulroney, Conor O'Farrell, Mike Pniewski, John Posey, Robert Quinn, Mark Rolston, Stephen Root, Nick Searcy, Lane Smith, Tom Verica, John Wickersham, Jo Anderson, Ann Cusack, Keith Dickerson, Dann Florek, George Newbern, Holmes Osborne, Sam Anderson, Steve Dumouchel, David Gallagher, Andy Milder, Michael Roddy, Rick Warner, Norbert Weisser, Rita Wilson, Clint Howard, Dan Butler, J. Downing, David Carr, Robert Treveiler, Tom Amandes, Keith Flippen, Tim Parati, Key Howard, David Clennon, George Bartenieff, Robert Curtis-Brown, Andrew Chaikin, Kelly Collins, David Cooper, James Detmar, Cullen Douglas, Al Franken, Jack Gilpin, Mary Hunt, Lamont Lofton, Deborah May, Greg Neff, Tom Nowicki, Terry Odem, Jim Piddock, David Preuss, Steve Raulerson, Linwood Sasser, Peter Scolari, Hank Stone, Bruce Taylor, Ralph Wilcox, Rich Williams, Steve Zahn, Mason Adams, Peter Anthony, Donna Badger, Janis Benson, Dan Bright, Tommy Canary, Bill Cordell, Ronny Cox, J. Ferguson, Ru Flynn, Don Fowler, Rhoda Griffis, J. Hunter, Tom Kouchalakos, Mitchell Laurance, David Lenthall, Dakin Matthews, Kevin Pollak, Robby Preddy, Kevin Loring, James Rebhorn, Ruth Reid, Frank Silva, John Slattery, Joe Spano, Kristin Stone, Arthur Taxier, Kathy Tyrell, Krista Adair, Jay Becker, Virginia Chappell, Marcelo Durst, Joe Farago, Lowell Fenner, Keith Graham, Mark Harmon, Holland Hayes, George Hoggard, Jay Honeycutt, Peter Horton, Ann Magnuson, Joshua Malina, Cindy Maranne, Mati Moralejo, Philip Nolen, Steve Purnick, Steve Sands, Brandon Smith, Randy Stephens, Max Wright, Brandon Ambrose, Maury Covington, Tracy Frenkel, Andrew Heller, Jim Howard, Steve Howard, Eric Paisley, Brian Shields, Kurt Smildsin, Graham Timbes, Kristian Truelsen, Robert Walker (XI), Steve Zurk, Remi Aubuchon, Reed Birney, David Brisbin, Max Brown, Matt Craven, Keith Dorman, John Drew, Randell Haynes, Paul Kiernan, Brian Lafontaine, Mark Lainer, Matthew Lussier, Phillip Martinez, Fred Mooneyham, Dean Napolitano, John Nutten, Stan Petter, Alan Ruck, Grant Shaud, Russell Warner, Graham Yost, Roger Bernard, Betsy Brantley, Tom Brooks, Joe Candelora, Timothy Franta, Dan Hagen, Don Harvey, Bill Leavy, Mikki McKeever, Timothy McLaughlin, Jeffrey Parrish, Michael Rafferty, Roger Ranney, Diana Scarwid, Robert Serwatka, Jack Swanson, Jeff Breslauer, George Colangelo, Dave Foley, Paul McCrane, Geoffrey Nauffts, Shawn Pyfrom, Gary Rorman, John Travis, Tammy Arnold, Rus Blackwell, Brian Brightman, Jack Carroll, Colette Piceau, Heather De Oreo, Jeffrey Evans, Billy Flanigan, Harold Fletcher, Tim Goodwin, Erich Hoffelder, John Hostetter, John Jackson, Kathy Karol, David Kaufman, William Larson, Michael Laskin, Christopher Miles, Jay Mohr, Jeff Moldovan, Dennis Neal, Don Noderer, Janet Peterson, Ethan Phillips, Ric Reitz, Brett Rice, John Rothman, Paul Rouffa, Gerard Russell, Catherine Stork, Jan Taylor, Todd Thompson, Doug Truelsen, Cyndi Vicino, Dave Wagner, Georges Wilson, Dylan Baker, Adam Baldwin, Gary Cole, Joanna Garcia, Henderson Gilliland, Jerry Hardin, Mike Harding, Chris Hogan, Gwen Hollander, David Kelsey, J. LaRose, Andrew Masset, Robin O'Dell, Kim Ostrenko, Jeffrey Pillars, Caroline Ross, Andrew Rubin, Tom Stearns, Marty Stonerock, Lesa Thurman, Ashleigh Wood, John Aylward, Barry Bell, Joe Inscoe, Marc Macaulay, Doug McKeon, Michael Raynor, Arland Russell, Isa Totah, Gareth Williams, Katie Austin, Robert Catrini, Wendy Crewson, Sally Field, Keith Harris, Jim Helsinger, John Higgins, Kristie Horton, Zeljko Ivanek, Elliot Kachnycz, DeLane Matthews, Claudia Miller, John Mountford, Deirdre O'Connell, Elizabeth Perkins, Debra Rupp, Cynthia Stevenson, JoBeth Williams, Bart Braverman, Blythe Danner, Chris Ellis, George Kapetan, Tchéky Karyo, Jason Khoury, Elizabeth Morehead, J.C. Quinn
Studio: HBO Home Video
MPAA Rating: NR
DVD Release: 10 Nov 1998


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Summary: Throughout this nation's history, we have reached for the heavens and dreamed of touching the stars.

Produced with the cooperation of NASA, 'From the Earth to the Moon' follows the course of the great American dream as it becomes reality through the voyages of the Apollo astronauts in thier mission to place a man on the moon.

Powerfully told as never before, these are the stories of the men, women and children, who lived, breathed, and manufactured from the power of the human will, one of the greatest achievements in the history of man.


Mad About You: The Complete First Season

Director: Linda Day
Starring: Paul Reiser, Helen Hunt, Richard Kind, Leila Kenzle, Anne Ramsay, Tommy Hinkley, Art Evans, Kerri Green, Lisa Edelstein, Sarah Partridge, Jack Kenny, Estelle Harris, Richard Roat, Jodi Carlisle, Spencer Klein, Phil Leeds, Paul Dooley, Nancy Dussault, Steve Buscemi, Michael Goldfinger, Elizabeth Norment, Steven Porter, Yoshio Be, Toshi Toda, Beata Pozniak, Al Ruscio, Michael Richards, Paxton Whitehead, Judy Geeson, Carol Susi, Michael Fairman, Jerry Hardin, Bill Dunleavy, Ric Edinger, Albert Owens, Wayne Tippet, David Arnott, Lisa Kudrow, Kathryn Spitz, Patrick Warburton, Gregory Martin, John Pankow, Susan Blommaert, William Newman, Annie Abbott, Neil Vipond, Laura Waterbury, Murphy Dunne, Parley Baer, Charles Shaughnessy, James Sudik, Kayla Carr, Jerry Lewis, Meagen Fay, Bill Fox, Donna Pieroni, Lou Cutell, Steven Wright, Louis Zorich, Maria Pitillo, Phil Lamarr, Regis Philbin, Joy Philbin, Barbara Feldon, Rick Rossovich
Studio: In Front Productions
MPAA Rating: NR
DVD Release: 29 Oct 2002


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Summary: Get ready for romance and hilarious bickering in the Big Apple. Join Jamie and Paul Buchman (Academy Award® winner Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser) as they navigate marriage in this 6-time Emmy Award-winning series.

This 2-disc set contains the entire first season of 22 full episodes including the pilot!


1. Romantic Improvisations (Pilot)

Fearing they've lost the magic after five months of marriage, Jamie and Paul agree to spend a romantic evening alone. When their date gets too crowded with friends and familiy dropping in, they send their company to the living room and consummate their deal in the kitchen.

2. Out of the Past

When Selby runs into a woman he and Paul knew in college, Paul begins obsessing about her as if theirs was a great love affair that should never have ended. But her memories of their time together tell a quite different story, as Jamie finds out when they all get together for a drink.

3. Sunday Times

While reading the Sunday paper, Jamie and Paul realize there are all sorts of hip, happening events they're missing out on and decide to go out and do something. But with the Gay Pride parade, a 10k run and a phone that won't stop ringing, they can't even get out to the lobby.

4. Sofa's Choice

Jamie drags Paul to the mall to look at a couch she wants to buy, bu when Paul learns it's really a loveseat, he isn't comfortable with the name. Fran and Mark show up to help them make a decision, which inadvertently leads to an even more agonizing shopping experience.

5. I'm Just So Happy for You

On the same day that Jamie gets a huge account Paul finds out that PBS has passed on his film. While everyone parties at the apartment to celebrate Jamie's brilliant success, Paul embraces the role of party pooper and wallows in his miserable failure.

6. Paul in the Family

Jamie's parents come by to visit on their way to the theatre and end up spending the day picking on everyone - including Lisa, who Jamie pays to come over and replace her as the target for their parent's jabs and guilt trips.

7. Token Friends

Having played a role in a fellow student's failure to graduate film school, Paul is consumed by guilt when he finds out the man (Steve Buscemi) now works as a token taker. Jamie convinces Paul to talk to the man, and when he does he once again causes a major change in the guy's life.

8. Maid About You

At first Paul is totally against the idea of having a maid, but after Jamie goes ahead and hires Fran's, she becomes his new best friend. But when the maid misinterprets his friendship and develops a crush on Paul, it will be up to him to clean up the mess it makes of all their lives.

9. The Apartment

A run-in with a bike messenger sets of a domino effect of issues between Paul and Jamie. As they begin to explore wills and decisions about pulling plugs and burial, Jamie confronts Paul about another important decision: giving up his bachelor pad, which he's still subletting.

10. Neighbors from Hell

A pizza delivery mix-up opens the door to a new friendship with Jamie and Paul's neighbors, but things get off to a rocky start and go downhill from there. Jamie and Paul invite them over to give it another try, only to get dumped for their neighbors' other new friends: Fran and Mark.

11. Riding Backwards

As if Thanksgiving with the family isn't stressful enough, Jamie and Paul share unpleasant train rides to and from her parents' house with Mark and Fran, who are fighting and leave Ryan with them for most of the ride, and with Lisa and Selby, who is pretending to be her boyfriend.


12. Togetherness

When Jamie's firm is hired to shoot a new commercial for New York tourism, she insists that Paul direct. Despite his reluctance he finally gives in and they start working together, but it isn't long before they're fighting over creative control and getting sick of being together so much.

13. Met Someone

Jamie gets dumped by her boyfriend, refuses to be Fran and Mark's third wheel at the company Christmas party, and than this really nice guy named Paul arrives out of the blue with her dry cleaning. This charming episode shows how Jamie and Paul met.

14. Love Among the Tiles

While getting ready for Fran and Mark's annual Valentine's Day party, Paul accidentally locks himself and Jamie in the bathroom. Since Fran and Lisa are both mad at them for not showing up, no one calls to find out where they are, leaving them to celebrate the night trapped inside.

15. The Wedding Affair

Paul and Jamie attend the wedding of two friends, and by the end of the evening it will be a night none of them will ever forget. First Paul exposes the bride and groom's big secret to the bride's father, and then Paul, regretfully, gets Jamie to tell him her biggest secret.

16. Weekend Getaway

Paul and Jamie decide to get out of the city and drive to Vermont for the weekend. At first Jamie has a hard time relaxing but once she does, she decides she wants to move to the country, which seems like a good idea until she gets a late-night craving for Chinese food.

17. Swept Away

Lisa meets a great guy and, after a week of dating, they decide to move in together. Lisa's finally happy but Jamie isn't thrilled, especially when she finds out the guy's three previous wives all died in freak accidents. Not to worry: Lisa's not too happy about being happy anyway.

18. The Billionaire

Jerry Lewis is an obnoxious billionaire who shows up at the Buchman's front door at 7:30 one morning asking Paul to make a film of his life. Paul hires a cameraman (Steven Wright) and they begin filming, but Paul and Jamie soon realize that what he's really looking for is friends.

19. The Man Who Said Hello

Paul's father comes to visit and embarasses Paul by yelling hello to Regis Philbin at the theatre. When Regis makes fun of it on the show the next morning, Paul's father calls in to argue with him and becomes a local celebrity - which embarasses Paul even more than he could imagine.

20. The Spy Girl Who Loved Me

Jamie's new client Diane (Barbara Feldon) is an actress who played Spy Girl in the '60s. Paul, a huge fan who's had a crush on her for twenty years, joins Diane and Jamie for dinner, but when Ira shows up he's the one that captures her attention... well, at least for one night.

21. Happy Anniversary

Paul and Jamie's upcoming anniversary is overshadowed by the fact that Mark, in the throes of a mid-life crisis, has left Fran. Jamie begins to worry that she and Paul will end up like them, while Paul tries to make sure that his special plans are carried out with the least possible drama.

22. The Painter

When Jamie hires and old flame to paint her apartment, things heat up between the sheets - with the painter and Fran! Paul catches them in bed together, but when Jamie finds out about the affair she and Paul learn what Fran has been covering up for two weeks: Mark has left her.


The Man Show: Season One - Volume One

Starring: Jimmy Kimmel, Adam The Fox, Za'kari Asher, Angelique Gorges, Rebecca Grant, Vanessa Kay, Sharron Leigh, Jennifer Strovas, Suzanne Talhouk
Studio: Comedy Central
MPAA Rating: NR
DVD Release: 24 Jun 2003


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Summary: Ziggy Sokky, Ziggy Sokky, Hoy! Hoy! Hoy!

Hosts Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla take an unapologetic look at the mind, body and soul of the modern man in The Man Show Season One, Volume One 3 DVD boxed set. Join in their chauvinistic celebration of all things male with these ten classic episodes --- a must-have for men everywhere who love watching girls jump on trampolines.